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Decal Sets

37-76731A1 Decal Set $65.00
Older pre-Alpha decal set for 888, 260, 470, R-style drives.
Includes rear and side decals for upper housing.

37-13682A90 Decal Set $139.00
Alpha One standard and counter rotation.
Includes gimbal decal & trim cyl decals.

37-817387A91 Decal Set $167.00
Alpha Gen II (1991-1997)
Includes gimbal decal.

37-861431A98 Decal Set $70.00
Alpha Gen II (1998 & up)
Standard rotation.

37-15167A90 Decal Set $170.00
Bravo One (ser 0K999999 and below)

37-13722A90 Decal Set $87.00 NO LONGER SOLD
Bravo Two (ser 0K999999 and below)

37-805338A93 Decal Set $210.00
Bravo III (ser 0k999999)

37-861432A98 Decal set $234.00
Bravo One Gasoline (ser 0L150025 and up)

37-861434A98 Decal Set $112.00
Bravo Two Gasoline (ser 0L150025 and up)

37-861435A98 Decal Set $207.00
Bravo III Gasoline (ser 0L150025 and up)

37-861433A98 Decal Set $139.00
Bravo One Performance (ser 0L150025 and up)

37-881755A00 Decal Set $42.00
Bravo One (ser 0M100001 thru 0M999999)

37-881757A00 Decal Set $53.00
With Low Water Pickup
Bravo One (ser 0M100001 thru 0M999999)

37-881758A00 Decal Set $84.00
Bravo Two (ser 0M100001 thru 0M999999)

37-881760A00 Decal Set $63.00
Bravo III (ser 0M100001 thru 0M999999)

37-881755A04 changes to 881755A05 Decal Set $116.00
Bravo One (ser 0W250000 and up)

37-881758A04 changes to 881758A05 Decal Set $206.00
Bravo Two (ser 0W250000 and up)

37-881760A04 Decal Set is NLA. Instead, order 37-881760A05 for $ $220.00
Bravo III (ser 0W250000 and up)

37-14489A90 Decal Set $189.00
TR and TRS (all)

Do you need engine decals sets?
We can help. EMAIL us your engine serial number and we will look up the exact decal set for your engine.

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